Where do I begin? The best way to describe 2009 was that it was a year where I did “due diligence” on a number of topics. I joined a networking group, something I highly recommend, and I finally started putting some serious effort toward evolving the “Keep Pace Technology”  brand — a lot of which reflect ideas I have had in my head for some time.

To show you the value of networking, I reached out to my son’s friend Kevin Kirsche (who is a whiz at graphics) and after a number of conversations and prototypes — we evolved the Keep Pace Technology logo. Once the logo was established, I found a local company who could digitize the logo so that I could get some shirts made up (which are going to play a prominent role in the video). Kevin also designed some really sharp business cards — and did the background work on getting the blog software installed.

What no one has seen yet, is the work I have doing specific to what this “show” should look like. I think I have something that is unique in the market, and while the idea is crystal clear in my head, getting it to paper is taking a little longer than I expected. While I wish I were a little further on the show format, time has been a friend as the show format has evolved nicely over the past few months. Right now my creative juices are at a high, and I have various pieces of the script written. Overall, this is what I have assembled up till this point:

  • A prototype a friend created that could be used as the theme song for the show.
  • The script for the voice overview that starts each show.
  • A consistent structure for each show.
  • A large list of potential show candidates – which I have narrowed down to 3.

Right now, I am working on finishing the scripts to the first 3 shows so that I can start doing some pro-type episodes. Once I have the scripts finished, I want to tape the first shows and then have some private viewings for a few friends I know can provide critical feedback.   My goal is to get something taped by the end of January.

Now, if you think the development of the show is tough — I have also been thinking through how to establish a revenue stream (I believe the term is “monetizing  digital content”). It’s something that is new to me, but a challenge I eagerly look forward to (so if anyone can provide guidance, its greatly appreciated).

As you can see, a lot is on my plate! And this is but a sample of what I am working on!