My journey started by asking a simple question — How the heck do you update the Phone? A few Google searches got me to the description of the process at Motorola:

The end of the document talks to going to   Settings | About Phone  – and I found a few interesting utilities.

  1. System Update — (Does what you think it does! — Updates the Phone’s Operating System)
  2. Status — Battery Status, Your Phone Number and some other “Techie” fields
  3. Battery Use — A very nice “debugging” tool which provides some information as to what is making the most use of the battery.

Related reading

An article I tripped over today talks to how users need to change their “charging habits” for smart phones:

Installation Caveats (relates to Battery Life)

When you install a program on the Droid, you need to be careful to review any warnings you receive during the installation. From my reading and experimenting — what I think happened was that the installation of a BarCode scanning program set a trigger that would at some point activate the Wi-Fi. Since uninstalling the BarCode scanning program, I am no longer experiencing the problem.

A solution to an  annoying problem

One thing I noticed shortly after getting the phone — when the front screen turned off, it wasn’t immediately obvious how to turn it back on. I tried touching the screen (that doesn’t work), then I slid out the keyboard (that worked). I thought that was kind of silly until I found that tapping the power button was the toggle to turning the screen on / off.