In preparing for my next blog entry, it hit me that there are a number of web based resources that you should be familiar with, many of which can help you prepare for you next job (even if you aren’t looking).

Planning for Success…At least start preparing for it.

2009 was a learning year for me, on the recommendation of a friend, I joined a local networking group. While I found the experience to be enlightening, a major theme in many of the presentations was one of being prepared — because the competition is fierce.

So, for this entry I wanted to take this theme and evolve some ideas (and discuss associated web sites) that you can leverage in order to get yourself prepared for your next “big” opportunity.

1. “It’s the Economy Stupid”

While my primary focus is technology, you might ask yourself why I am starting with the economy? First, I wouldn’t suggest you do it if I didn’t do it myself. The reality is that we are living in some very dynamic times where change is the norm, not the exception. And it’s no longer sufficient to just keep watch on the US economy, you need to consider the global economy.

Regardless of your job status, having an understanding of market trends can give you a valuable head-start in both career decisions and/or entrepreneurial endeavors.

Some of the sites that I typically use include:

2. Company Research

Once you find a company that has peaked your interest, a good next step is to do some research on that company. For publicly traded companies you can start with:

The combination of these sites will give you an understanding of the companies and possible talking points during the interview:

  • Business Segments.
  • Competitors.
  • Company News.
  • Earnings Trends.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses.

Getting data on small / privately owned companies is slightly more difficult, so some of this can be trial and error. A few sites I found that might be useful in your search are:

3. Personal Improvement

A sizable topic for sure, but a starting list of ideas/resources to consider include:

And I probably missed a few things (so feel free to comment) — my intention was to get you thinking about how you can maximize the internet to help you in your career/job search.