For those new (or not familiar) with Twitter, it is not uncommon to hear one (or more) of the following questions:

  1. What is Twitter ?
  2. What is the business value of Twitter
  3. I use Twitter, but I don’t know why

As a number of recent news articles have focused on the use of  Twitter in the “real world” – it provided some tangible examples of how the technology is being used today – which gives us an opportunity to discuss how people (and companies) are “Keeping Pace” with this technology !

News Story #1 – How a restaurant has leveraged Twitter:

Restaurants turning to Twitter to fix customer complaints

A few interesting lines from this article

“Conversations about food that once only happened between friends are now public thanks to the Internet. And the microblogging site Twitter has only sped up the conversation. Whether it’s reviews before the meal or the service afterward, opinions are voiced freely — and restaurants are taking notice.”

In this case Twitter is acing as a public “water cooler”.   While some may look at this as a negative, there are some positive actions that can be extracted which include:

  1. Twitter as a mechanism for advertising specials
  2. Twitter providing the conduit for communication with your customers
  3. Job Opportunities that are evolving for those with “Social Media” expertise

News Story #2 – How Twitter can be leveraged in emergency situations:

What can you learn/apply from this implementation?

  1. Twitter can be used to disperse/obtain information faster than most other mediums
  2. Twitter as a tool can be used as an alerting mechanism
  3. People are still trying to get an understanding of how to apply Twitter in real world situations

News Story #3 – Pro’s / Con’s of using Twitter in the financial industry

Mutual funds companies embrace Twitter, Facebook

This article is interesting, because it shows the challenge some companies face in a regulated environment (and some companies haven’t done a thing with it yet).   But there are still experiences that can be extracted from these attempts :

  • Have someone responsible to process questions from those following your Twitter account
  • When you get feedback from your users/customers – LISTEN
  • You can evolve a Twitter account by just tweeting articles of interest

Final thoughts on “Keeping Pace” with Twitter

Twitter is a powerful communication medium that can be harnessed in a number of ways.   Even if the Twitter “value proposition” isn’t immediately apparent, try to find people using the technology and watch what they do.

If you are new to Twitter and want to get started using it, you can read through the following blog entries to get started:

I hope you enjoyed this entry — to “Keep Pace” with future entries