Keeping Pace with Tablet Computers

The following user submitted question led to today's entry: "I am ready for a tablet computer - what should I get?" A simple question that unfortunately doesn't have a simple answer.    However by looking at the current state of tablets and key purchasing decisions - you to can "Keep Pace" with tablet computer technology!! [...]

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A “Real Life” Guide to Android Phones

As more people I know purchase Android based phones—I have been hearing a variety of questions, complaints, and opinions about the phone. As I have had my Motorola Android for about 4+ months now, I have had enough experience that I wanted to put together this blog entry for the benefit of others. For now, [...]

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What I found by snooping around…

My journey started by asking a simple question — How the heck do you update the Phone? A few Google searches got me to the description of the process at Motorola: The end of the document talks to going to   Settings | About Phone  – and I found a few interesting utilities. […]

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