It’s been a while since I have blogged — a lot of reasons really — but I wanted to spend a bit of time documenting my experience with my new Motorola Android phone (I am a Verizon customer) — and share that experience with others who may be interested in getting one. At this point I have had the phone for a full day and I have already assembled a lot of good info.

First Impressions

Overall, the phone has a nice sturdy feel to it — nice screen — and a keyboard that takes a little getting used to. I purchased a fairly simple case (like a hard plastic) — the only drawback is that the top of the case eliminates some of the space between the screen and the top of the keyboard — I also purchased the thin film cover.

One of the first things you are tempted to do is fire up the browser — and let me tell you the network response is fast

Battery Life

What I learned quickly is that if you leave everything on the phone can suck the battery dry — especially overnight. Some things you should consider turning off quickly include:

  1. The Wi-Fi.
  2. The GPS
  3. Dim the Screen to 20%

I am not sure what the impact is of running applications just yet — but I am looking into that over the next few days.


If you do this on your own, your going to have to enter all the names in manually. They might be able to do the transfer at the Verizon Store — which you might be better off doing if you have a lot. Also, the Verizon Backup Assistant doesn’t work on the Droid…so… that’s not an option either.

For what its worth — you are going to need a Gmail Account (which I highly recommend anyway). All of your Contact information or events saved in the Calendar is going to be saved in your Google Contacts / Calendar — so in essence that’s the “backup” for your information.

Application Marketplace

You are going to find/use this icon pretty quickly as well. This is how you will find/download (and potentially purchase) applications to expand your devices functionality. Some applications I recommend you get ASAP include:

  1. Application (You can track the temperatures in a number of locations — and get a 10 day view).
  2. QuickUninstall — I couldn’t find a native way to remove programs (I tried the drag into the trash, but that didn’t always work) so this program will help you uninstall programs that you will probably want to test.
  3. Administrator’s Note:
    To uninstall an application:

  1. Go to the home screen (The one with the giant clock on it)
  2. Press the Menu button
  3. Click on “Settings”
  4. Scroll till you see “Applications” — Click on it
  5. Now click on “Manage applications”
  6. Click on the application that you want to uninstall
  7. Click “Uninstall”
  • AndroNotes — This is a Notepad like application — I was surprised that no default app came with the device, so this is the one I am using for now.
  • Meebo IM — This is an aggregation client for Instant Messaging clients (like Yahoo or AIM) — Again, there are a several different applications that do this but this is one of the first I am testing.
  • Whats next

    A number of things I will be looking into over the next few days include:

    1. Bluetooth connectivity.
    2. Power saving applications / widgets and/or approaches.
    3. Forums/Sites that are providing the best information on the Android.
    4. Questions that anyone might ask me on the Android ! — So feel free to comment/ask away!