An interesting title for a blog entry, but trust me when I tell you this has been an experience. I am not sure what got me hooked on the idea, but the more research I do on this concept, the more I know I am on to “something”. I actually started writing myself a “business plan” — but there were so many unknowns that it evolved from a business plan into a document that scoped out a lot of the core ideas behind the concept.

While I am fortunate that my brain generates LOTS of ideas, this is a blessing and a curse at the same time. As I develop the first “script”, I find that I am encountering many challenges:

  1. I am trying to figure out a consistent approach so that I can apply it to other episodes
  2. I am sifting through a lot of my old ideas — enhancing some, discarding others
  3. Trying to make sure that I keep the content at the correct “audience level”

It’s been an interesting challenge, and it’s allowing me to leverage a lot of skills that I have evolved over the years. I am trying to set a goal of getting a rough draft completed by the end of this week — if for no other reason than so I can tape what I have and review it to see if it makes sense.

Also, a related problem is how to do this “cost effectively” (read cheap). I have had some discussions with people that said the “traditional” way of doing this is to pony up some money and have it professionally done. With so many venue’s available (Hulu, Youtube, etc), I am tempted to try this as a “roll your own” and then see what happens

Also, I am not sure how sophisticated I can get with each episode. I have a number of friends that have offered to help me — and fortunately each brings a very unique set of skills that will help me in this effort. If nothing else, we are going to learn a great deal from each other (and trust me, I have learned tons already). I plan on sharing as many of my experiences as possible (and hopefully get input from whomever might be reading this).