Been in learning mode with the Android — it’s more of a function of understanding the nuances of the device and various settings. Here is what I have learned up till this point (in no particular order):


I have been rebuilding my contact list — making good progress, but still more to go — and one thing I did notice, and I am not exactly sure how it works, is that if I put a persons full name in — it finds their Facebook page, email address and updates the contact info — a very nice feature!


Something is turning on the Wi-Fi (even if I turn it off ), which of course impacts battery performance. I am now using the Airplane setting (which hopefully keeps this turned off).

Programs I Have Downloaded

Some details around the programs I have downloaded:

  • Notepad Application — Even though there are a number of options here, for the time being I am using AndroNotes. The primary reason for this is that it seems to use the least amount of memory (you can find this at  Settings | Applications | Manage Applications — and then pressing an application)
  • Task Managers — Still doing some work here — I downloaded something called TaskManager but to be honest I don’t know what it does…
  • BarCode Scanners — I found 2 — ShopSavvy and Barcode Scanner — each works by using the camera to scan Bar Codes and then looking up the price on the internet. ShopSavvy seems to be a little easier to use, but I can’t quite figure out how to consistently get it to scan the barcode.

Sites I have found

I have found a few sites that are helping me focus on the top applications available to the community — the sites that provided applications that seemed interesting include: