Keeping Pace with the IBM Watson “win”

Now that the Jeopardy "Man vs Machine" challenge is over, lets spend a little time evaluating what Watson did (and what it didn't) to get a better understanding of how applications like IBM's Watson will "Keep Pace" in the future So what did we witness ? Regardless of your knowledge of the underlying technology, the [...]

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Keeping Pace with Tablet Computers

The following user submitted question led to today's entry: "I am ready for a tablet computer - what should I get?" A simple question that unfortunately doesn't have a simple answer.    However by looking at the current state of tablets and key purchasing decisions - you to can "Keep Pace" with tablet computer technology!! [...]

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Enjoying Superbowl XLV Sunday

As today is Superbowl XLV, lets look at some of the technologies associated with the game! The Stadium Cowboys Stadium is the venue for this years Superbowl, and details about the stadium are available at: Some specific links on the page The map of the Stadium Fly by Videos Photo Gallery The Teams Pittsburgh [...]

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iPhone and Verizon – Purchasing decisions

In case you missed it, the iPhone 4 will soon be available for the Verizon Wireless network!   But should you rush out and get this "latest" technology ?    This entry focuses on decision criteria that will assist you "Keep Pace" with smart phone purchasing decisions. For Existing Verizon Customers Lets assume you have [...]

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