Is “Big Brother” watching you ?

The following news story came out the other day .. which serves as the basis for this entry ... Hello, Big Brother: Digital sensors are watching us As digital privacy is an important (and increasing complicated ) topic, it would be impossible to discuss it in just one blog entry (so expect to see more [...]

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Elementary my dear Mr Watson ..

For those that haven't heard on February 14th the television show Jeopardy is televising a special match between 2 of its all time winners (Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings) against IBM's "Watson" Computer (Jeopardy - Watson Page) Lets see how you can "Keep Pace" with "Watson" What is the Technology ? "Watson" (named after the [...]

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Blogging Resumes !!- What is coming .. and what is on YOUR mind ?

New !!! Improved !!  The "Keep Pace with Technology" blogging effort has resumed !!! Whats new? While the overall theme of helping everyone "Keep Pace with Technology" remains the same,  some changes you will notice over the coming weeks: Regular and frequent blog entries ! Thoughts about current technology and/or trends and how they impact [...]

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