Motorola Android “Discussion Groups” and upcoming Android update

Motorola Discussion Group For those interested in the experiences of other DROID users, I have found the “official” Motorola community site for the Android: I just started using this site, but it allows you to see all of the discussions/questions opened by what I assume to be DROID owners/users. I recently started a discussion [...]

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What I found by snooping around…

My journey started by asking a simple question — How the heck do you update the Phone? A few Google searches got me to the description of the process at Motorola: The end of the document talks to going to   Settings | About Phone  – and I found a few interesting utilities. […]

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Got my Android!

It’s been a while since I have blogged — a lot of reasons really — but I wanted to spend a bit of time documenting my experience with my new Motorola Android phone (I am a Verizon customer) — and share that experience with others who may be interested in getting one. At this point [...]

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